Welcome to SureSearch

SureSearch are a niche, independent provider of property searches to the residential and commercial conveyancing sector.

Full Official Local Authority (LLC1 and CON29) reports are our keystone product offering, however the SureSearch portfolio contains the entire range of due diligence searches ensuring that conveyancing professionals have 'one-stop shop' access to all market leading conveyancing products and services.

SureSearch are totally focussed on supporting conveyancing professionals to ensure the best possible service is always made available to the underlying client. The support offered by SureSearch is totally bespoke, and is always tailored to the specific needs of the conveyancing professional so at all times they are fully in control of case progression.

So why use SureSearch?

SureSearch are a 'can-do' company with strong administrative and technical expertise. We know that when you are conveying property that problems do arise from time to time, that there will be high priority matters, and that recommendations and innovative solutions may be required. Accordingly it is absolutely imperative to know that when support is required your search provider is immediately on hand, effectively operating as an additional member of your conveyancing team.

search-code.jpg In addition to supplying 'copper bottomed' Local Authority and market leading conveyancing reports, SureSearch underpins its service proposition by maintaining professional indemnity cover with QBE Insurance, and is registered with the Property Codes Compliance Board as a subscriber to the Search Code (The Search Code is owned and maintained by the Council of Property Search Organisations).  

To some it might be considered a little 'old fashioned', but we are of the view at SureSearch that conveying property is fundamentally a people-to-people process. Accordingly you are only ever one direct telephone number or one email address away from reaching your dedicated account manager. No emails to a pooled service or any telephone call-centre lottery. Just simple direct contact with an individual who knows you, knows your case, knows how to respond internally, and knows who to go to if external supplier support is required.

If you are going to search, why not SureSearch?

For more information please email info@suresearch.co.uk